5 Essential Steps to Website Search Engine Optimization by Anil Vij

by: Anil Vij

SEO has been a much discussed topic to help webmasters promote their sites through the right mix of technique and innovative ideas to increase the standing of their respective sites on the web. I am going to spill out five essential tips that will give you considerable headway in SEO.

i. Knowledge of relevant keywords. There exists a common set of keywords that people use to search for a particular product or service. So there are a number of keywords that relate to your site. Gathering the most common keywords and using them in your content increases your chances with search engines for the particular set of keywords. This will also act as a guideline towards creating content for your pages.

ii. Density of keywords. Scatter your keywords in the right proportion through out your content. Ensure that they find a place in your articles and blog reviews. This will make even your internal pages to be noticed by the search engines.

iii. Placement of keywords. Your website has many features like Meta tags, that do not make themselves visible to a visitor. Make sure that your keywords find their way to such scripts. The content of each page should be rich with key words that relate to their respective contents. Keywords along with niche phrases should be placed within the headings too to be noticed by search engines.

iv. External links. Increasing the number of links that point to your site from other directories is a very common practice that ensures quality traffic to your pages. You need to build one way links and two way links to ensure maximum traffic. One way links are created by displaying your URL inside the resource boxes that are placed at the end of articles submitted to other directories. Blog postings that contain your link too generate good traffic. Even emails that include links as part of your signature direct considerable visitors to their destination. Two way links are created by identifying other websites that are ready to display your link on their pages in return for the same favor and going for a link exchange.

v. Submission to directories. There are directories that index websites in a user friendly manner so as to make it easy for potential visitors to find the product or provider they have been searching for. This gives more exposure to your website. Such directories act as some kind of yellow pages and you will not want to miss traffic generated from properly indexed directories.

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